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Imbalance of ear, Dizziness, Staggering.

SBM VERTINOL contains a carefully formulated blend of ingredients which may help to reduce Vertigo, Imbalance of ear, Dizziness and Staggering. Unique combination of the ingredients results in a synergistic effect along with the individual properties of each ingredient. Magical preparation to cure EAR IMBALANCE within a week time, ONLY WITH EXTERNAL APPLICATION.



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INGREDIENTS                                                           HOW IT WORKS

Prunus amygdalus                                                 Demulcent, Cerebrotonic

Sesamum indicum                                                 Calming effect on skin, Demulcent.

Crocus sativus                                                        Powerful Antioxidant.

Withania somnifera                                                 Neuro tonic, Anti-inflammatory agent.

Curcuma longa                                                       Antiseptic, Anti-inflammatory, Wound healing agent                 

Ghrita                                                                     Helps in balancing all the doshas.


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Apply 3 drops in the pate of head at night. Wash off with lukewarm water in morning. Do not use any other oil while using SBM Vertinol.

Each 1Kg of ingredients (1-5) are weighed and crushed , kashyam is prepared by adding 40Ltrs of water and reducing it to 5Ltrs. This kashyam obtained above is boiled in a mild heat with 5Ltr of ingredient 6 until it attains arrakku pakam. Filter. 

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Product ID : 1182

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