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Effective for Prostate, Kidney Stone & other Urinary Problems

Urina EP is a very rare combination of varous herbs. Urnia EP can be used as a supportive medicine for prostate, urinary infections, kidney stone, bladder stone etc. This is a unique combination derived by scientist Dr. Sreedevi. A formulation prepared from nature’s own resources – Urina EP. 

Systemic Symptoms related to urinary tract : Long standing outlet obstruction usually results in vesicoureteral reflux and dilation of the upper tracts with hydronephrosis. Upper abdominal discomfort and flank pain may occur during voiding continued vesicoureteral reflux and transmission of high pressure to renal failure, and symptoms of uremia may occur. Such symptoms include chronic fatigue, loss of appetite and somnolence. 



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Effective for Prostate, Kidney Stone & other Urinary Problems/ Symptoms like Incomplete emptying, Frequency, Intermittency, Urgency, weak stream, Straining, Nocturia

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Benincasa hispida    

Centella asiatica      

Tribulus terrestris      

Boerhavia diffusa     

Zingiber officinale    

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1 tablet thrice daily, one hour before food or as directed by physician.

Ingredients (2-5) are weighed, dried and powdered. Ingredient (1) is weighed and crushed. By mixing powder and crushed materials kashayam is prepared by adding 800 litres of water and reducing it to 100 litres. Then filter. This kashayam is made into a paste form. Item 6 is dissolved in hotwater to form a paste. This paste is mixed with above to make a uniform mix. This is dried and granulated. Then punch the tablet of required size.

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Product ID : 1164

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