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Curcumin has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant

SBM Turmeric is a single drug formula prepared with pure ‘curcumin’ extract. The root of turmeric is highly medicinal and can be used for a wide range of diseases and also for sustaining good health. It has high antioxidant property. It is commonly used for the treatment of Arthritis , Heart burn,Joint pain, Loss of appetite,Liver disease, Stomach ulcers,  High cholesterol,Skin diseases,Fatigue. It can be taken as a daily  diatery supplement which helps to give you soft and healthy skin.



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It boosts brain hormone levels
Is beneficial in case of heart disease.
It improves functioning of the endothelium.
Helps change molecular level that may help prevent / treat cancer.
Helps with Alzheimer’s
Can help treat symptoms of arthritis
Is effective as Prozac in alleviating the symptoms of depression
A very popular anti-aging supplement.
Aids in removing excess fat from body.

Curcumin’,the chemical constituent of turmeric has highly anti oxidant property which might decrease inflammation. Curcumin is also helpful in eliminating the toxins out of our body. It also provides good skin.

Turmeric root extract(50 mg)

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2 tablets one hour before breakfast on empty stomach or as directed by physician.

SBM Turmeric tablet is prepared by processing the concentrated solution of turmeric extract. No artificial preservatives or binders are added.

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Product ID : 1141

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