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 SBM TONZILOL contains a carefully formulated blend of ingredients which may help to reduce tonsillitis. Unique combination of the ingredients result in a synergistic effect along with the individual properties of each ingredient. SBM TONZILOL is a magical preparation to cure tonsillitis within a day, ONLY WITH EXTERNAL APPLICATION.



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Each 5 ml is prepared out of :
Plumbago zeylanica    1 gm
Allium sativum              1 gm
Sesamum indicum      1 gm
Aloe barbadensis         1 gm
Curcuma longa             10 gm
Ghrita                               1 ml
Egg yolk taila                  1 ml
Cocos nucifera               3 ml
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Apply oil both outside and inside the pharynx. Apply 3 drops in the pate of head at night. Wash off with lukewarm water in morning. Do not use any other oil while using SBM Tonzilol.

Ingredients (1-5) are weighed, crushed and kashyam is prepared by adding 40 ltrs of water and reducing it to 5Ltrs. The kashyam obtained above is boiled in a mild heat along with ingredients 6,7,8 until it attains arrakku pakam. Filter.                                                                                                                                                             Preparation of Anda thailam- Cook egg yolks on low heat discarding the white. When egg starts to get golden brown turn the heat up high. Continue cooking on high heat making egg particles as small as possible. The smoke appears and egg starts to stick again. and oil begins to seperate. Remove from heat as soon as oil releases. Filter.

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Product ID : 1183

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