SBM Stress Free
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SBM Stress Free - 100% Natural Stress Free................

Living a stress free life in a fast paced, competitive world is almost impossible to attain. The constant demands to overcome day-to-day problems can gives way to stress. With SBM Stress Free tablets, coping with stress is now easy. SBM Stress free tablet is a unique combination of herbs that helps to promote the body in resisting stress, relieving fatigue and nervous tension.

The tablet has an aphrodisiac properties, it helps to promote restful sleep and help in memory support. It regulates mental and physical health and also acts as a defense against ageing.  

Apart from protecting brain cells from oxidative damage, stress free tablets may help to promote in increasing metabolic level in an individual.
Being prepared from 100% natural Ayurvedic ingredients, regular use of SBM stress free tablets may helps you to avoid allopathic medicines!



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SBM stress free tablet may helps to reduce stress

Without a doubt, stress free is a highly effective supplement helps to reduce stress and maintaining normal blood pressure. Stress Free helps in reducing tiredness and exhaustion levels of an individual and also helps to promote increase the energy levels. 

  • Anxiety and Nervousness  
  • Stress and Tension

  • Panic Attacks

  • Restlessness and irritability

  • Abnormal Blood Pressure

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How it works

Terminalia arjuna

Reduce stress

Adathoda vasika


Raulfia serpentine

Balance body heat

Allium sativum

reduces b.p, cholesterol

Withania somnifera

energy booster, reduce stress

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1 tablet one hour after dinner or as directed by physician. 

Ingredients are crushed and boiled and make into Kashayam (1/4). The waste is removed and reduced into thick form, which is then dried below 50®C with 10% insert maize starch paste. The mix is granulated and tablets are made out of it.

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SBM Stress Free

Product ID : 1117

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