SBM NEELAVENI Ayurvedic Hair Oil
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Luscious Hair for Men & Women
SBM NEELAVENI is made from natural herbs which are capable of stimulating and revitalising hair follicles resulting in luscious hair growth as well as helps in arresting hair fall immediately. Hair will start growing in thick and black. A natural conditioner to regain and retain shine to hair. Also prevents premature greying and scalp infections.




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100% pure & natural ingredients, no chemicals added.
 No Parabens, No Mineral Oils.
 Suitable for all ages and all skin types.
 A single solution addressing mostly all hair and scalp problems.
 Prevents Hair Fall.
 Improves Hair Growth.
 Hair Regeneration.
 Prevents Premature Greying.

Aloe vera                          Promotes hair growth, Natural hair conditioner

Tinospora cordifolia         Prevents hair loss naturally, Antioxidant

Eclipta alba                     Strengthens root, Prevents premature greying, Arrests hair loss

Ocimum sanctum             Effective for hair regeneration

Bacopa monnieri             Nourishes scalp, Encourages hair growth

Emblica officinale            Strengthens hair follicles, thereby arrests premature greying and thinning of hair

Cow’s milk                       Promotes hair growth, Aids in preventing hair fall, Natural conditioner                                    
Coconut milk                   Packed with essential vitamins required for hair growth,Restores dry and damaged hair, Conditions hair.

Coconut oil                      Boosts hair follicles. Contains all essential nutrients for a healthy hair growth

Aloe vera                                                  

Tinospora cordifolia

Eclipta alba

Ocimum sanctum

Bacopa monnieri

Emblica officinale

Cow’s milk

Coconut milk

Coconut oil

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Massage SBM NEELAVENI gently into scalp 30 minutes before bath. Wash off using SBM THIRUTHAALI Pure Leaf Juice Shampoo

Ingredients are cleaned, washed and juice is extracted.This juice is boiled with coconut oil and  coconut milk & finally with cow's milk.

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SBM NEELAVENI Ayurvedic Hair Oil

Product ID : 1184

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