SBM NASAL-OL Ayurvedic Extract for Nasal Polyp
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Magical preparation to cure NASAL POLYP within a week time, ONLY WITH EXTERNAL APPLICATION.
  • SBM NASAL-OL contains a carefully formulated blend of ingredients which helps to reduce nasal polyp.
  • Unique combination of the ingredients used results in a synergic effect along with the individual properties of each ingredient.



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  • Reduces nasal polyp within a week time.
  • No surgery, No medicine intake required

INGREDIENTS                                                 HOW IT WORKS?

 Leucas  cephalotes                                      Helps in improving circulation in that area.  

 Elephantopus scaber                                   Anti inflammatory  

 Biophytum sensitivum                                  Anti inflammatory  

 Plumbago zeylanica                                     Anti inflammatory 

 Nigella sativa                                               Anti microbial 

 Allium sativum                                             Anti microbial  

Moringa oleifera Bark                                  Has wonderful healing properties. 

 Leucas cephalotes                                         

 Elephantopus scaber                                  

 Biophytum sensitivum                                

 Plumbago zeylanica                                      

 Nigella sativa                                            

 Allium sativum                                           

 Moringa oleifera Bark                               

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Shake well before use. Dip an ear bud in SBM NASAL-OL and just press it on the nasal polyp once daily or as directed by physician. For better result use with SBM UMA Tablet, one tablet thrice daily 30 minutes after food or as directed by physician.

Ingredients are weighed, crushed and kashayam is prepared in a unique method which is again reduced & filtered. 

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SBM NASAL-OL Ayurvedic Extract for Nasal Polyp

Product ID : 1188

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