How to Buy

Dedicated to providing 100% satisfaction to our customers across the world, we, at SBM AYUR, employ an ample range of proven Ayurvedic formulae in our products and services, which include Ayurvedic herbal cosmetics and health supplements. Buy the product(s) that best suits your needs and enjoy the wonders of Ayurveda; rejuvenating your body, mind and soul..

Buying Ayurvedic products is easy and convenient at SBM AYUR.

  • Browse our wide range of product line, decide exactly which product(s) you want, and add them to shopping cart
  • Select the method of payment, make your payment, and confirm your order
How do I pay?
You can pay online, using your credit card Optionally,
you can avail cash on delivery
Get our products delivered on time, and revitalize yourself at the comfort of your home!